Grilled Cheese & Tomato Croissant

This is one of the simplest lunches to put together. Arya loves croissants so I add three ingredients to the croissant and grill to make it more interesting. I serve with cucumbers and cantaloupe making a very colourful lunch plate.

Yield: 1-2

Prep Time: 2 mins

Cook Time: 5 mins


  • 1 croissant sliced in half
  • 1 tbsp of red or green pesto
  • handful of grated cheddar cheese
  • 4-5 baby tomatoes, cut into halves or quarters
  • pinch of dried mixed herbs or oregano (optional)


  1. Spread the pesto to each half of the croissant.
  2. Top with cheddar cheese, tomatoes and sprinkle with the herbs if using.
  3. Grill on a medium heat for 4-5 minutes or until the cheese has melted and begins to turn golden.
  4. Serve immediately.


If you don’t want to use pesto you can always use a pizza base sauce or tomato puree.

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